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Sponsor a Student - Flat Donation

Race for Education Sponsorship - Flat Donation

Thank you for sponsoring a student in the 2018 Race for Education. The class reps are pictured below. To make a flat donation, please fill press the donate button next to the student you wish to sponsor.   You may also mail a check to HPCA, with the student's name and RFE as the memo.  If you would like to make a per lap pledge, click here to fill out the form.  Thank you.

Sponsor a Student or Special Runner

If you are a friend or family member of an HPCA student or a Special Runner and would like to sponsor them, please use this donate button and fill in their name and grade in the notes.  Thank you!   


Adrian, Pre-K  

I like HPCA so much!  It's the best!  I like to learn about dinosaur names.  My favorites are the t-rex and pterodactyl (they can fly!).  I like toys and centers and play time.  I know that God is in my heart, and in the sky, too.  He made all the people in this planet.  When I grow up, I want to be the boss.

Gloria, Kindergarten  

I like the fun events we have at HPCA, like the Race for Education.  I'm going to try to beat last year's laps.  I like to run and help raise money for HPCA.  I enjoy Bible because I like learning about new stories, like Noah's ark.  When I am older, I want to be a police officer, detective, nurse, rock star, actor, or singer.

Jacob, 1st Grade

I love recess because I get to play football and octopus with my friends.  I like spelling and learning so many new words.  We also learned about Venezuela and made flags and learned about Angel Falls.  I know that God made the world and is good to us.  I'm going to do 20 laps and win the trophy!

Roman, 2nd Grade

I love the Race because we get to help the school make changes each year and that's exciting.  I want to be a principal when I grow up because I know a lot about being one and I know how to solve problems.  I know that God never leaves us and is always by my side.  

 Julius, 3rd Grade 

I have been at HPCA since PK.  We get to help other people here, like raising money for hurricane victims.  I love math because we learn about long division and multiplication.  I want to be a baseball player; you can be athletic and run, jump, and dive!  I know that God is always with me and I'm never alone.

 Ariana, 4th Grade  

I've been at HPCA since 1st grade.  I like that the students here are intelligent, independent, and fun-loving.  I really enjoy art because it inspires me to be myself and paint, craft, and draw.  I learned that God will never leave us even though we make mistakes.

Mia, 5th Grade

I appreciate HPCA because I can be comfortable here with friends and teachers and can talk with anyone about different situations.  I am interested in science because I like seeing how things work and doing experiments.  I'm excited to raise money for the school and make it better for everyone.

Tyler, 6th Grade

I like HPCA because we talk about God and learn more about Him.  I'm enjoying middle school because we're able to be more responsible and grown up.  I like social studies because we learn history and about my own culture.  I like the water guys at the Race bcause they make me laugh and get me to run.

Kahley, 7th Grade

I love the teachers here because they play games to make learning fun.  I've learned that we always need to be thirsty for knowledge.  I like the Race because I get to be with my friends and help the school.  When I'm older, I want to be a model, actress, marine biologist, or start my own business.

Jamiah, 8th Grade

I appreciate the teachers here and the fact that we're able to pray and talk about God in the school.  Mr. Hofman, our Bible teacher, helped me understand how God is both Jesus and Father.  I would like to be a teacher or dance instructor.  I like the Race because I push myself and get to be with friends.

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