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Sponsor a Student or Special Runner

If you are a friend or family member of an HPCA student or a Special Runner and would like to sponsor them, please use this donate button and fill in their name and grade in the notes.  Thank you!   

Race for Education Sponsorship - Flat Donation

Thank you for sponsoring a student in the 2024 Race for Education. The class reps are pictured below. To make a donation, please fill press the donate button next to the student you wish to sponsor.   You may also mail a check to HPCA, with the student's name and RFE as the memo.  If you would like to make a per lap pledge, please click here Thank you.

Jocelyne, Pre-K

I love learning sight words, playing, and everything at HPCA.  I like my teacher because she's nice and funny.  I love that we talk about God at HPCA, and my mommy prays for me.  When I grow up, I want to be a police officer so I can catch people who did the wrong thing.  I'm excited to run in the Race for Education because I'm super fast and want to try to win!

Desmond, Kindergarten

We do so many fun things at HPCA, like science and math and learning about the world.  Our teachers work so hard to help the class learn!  I want to be an engineer when I get older because I want to build something really awesome.  My favorite part of the Race is that we get to run around for so long.  I'm going to run as hard as I can!

Haniel, 1st Grade

I love my classes at HPCA because I get to learn.  My favorite thing is to learn numbers in math.  My teacher teaches me to be kind and give my scissors to someone if they don't have them.  When I get older, I want to be a jet and train driver, taking passengers to different places.  I am going to race with my friends and try to win!

Sofia, 2nd Grade

I love HPCA because it supports believing in Jesus and we get to prayer here.  I also love that there are lots of Hispanic students like me.  I love reading books because they tell a story and can be funny.  My dream is to be an artist one day and make art to help my family.  I am excited to take all my energy out running and try to get as many laps as I can!

Victoria, 3rd Grade 

I am excited for the Race for Education because it's so fun experiencing fresh air and getting outside the building!  I also love to make Mr. Deane do something funny!  Running club has been my favorite part of this school and has helped me get faster for the Race.  The teachers are also fun at HPCA!   I hope to become a doctor to help people one day with all that I've learned here.

Penelope, 4th Grade  

We have really good teachers who are nice and teach you about God.  I also have very nice classmates who do whatever they can to cheer me up when I feel sad.  My favorite subject is math because I love working with numbers.  I hope to be a firefighter one day because my dad really inspires me.  I am going to try to get the most laps in my grade this year!  Please help me reach my goal!

Gerardo, 5th Grade

There are very nice teachers and students at HPCA, and the studies are very interesting.  I love science because we get to do lots of experiments.  I want to be a pilot so I can see more places and overcome my fears.  This year, I'm looking forward to running, being outside, and talking with my friends during the Race for Education.  God bless you and thank you for supporting the school!

Edmary, 6th Grade

HPCA has helped me learn so much more than I knew before.  The studies are more challenging than my old school, by the teachers help me understand the things I don't know.  My favorite subject is social studies because you get to know more about this earth.  I want to be a pilot when I grow up so I can travel.  I am so excited to find out who will win for our grade in this year's Race!  I hope it's me!

Ruben, 7th Grade

At HPCA, you learn about yourself, get close with your peers, and know your teachers personally.  My favorite subject is math because the order and rules of math interest me.  I hope to return to HPCA to be a math and gym teacher.  I want to use my love of math and my fun gym experiences to pass them along to others.  I cannot wait to run and help our school through the Race, since they helped me improve in my entire life!

Malcolm, 8th Grade

I have really felt community at HPCA since coming here this year.  I have made good friends, and I love that the school is small enough that you get to know everyone and no one is left out.  My favorite subject is history because I love giving presentations on significant events, such as the American Revolution.  I hope to be an electrical technician or a realtor because I have learned so much from my dad about these jobs.

FINAL LEVEL - $50,000

If we raise $50,000 in scholarship funds, students will get to defeat “Bowser Deane” (head of school) with lava slime! 
 On the road to defeating “Bowser Deane”, students must defeat staff and teachers by reaching the fundraising goals below to unlock levels.  Can you help us reach these goals by sponsoring a runner or making a general Race donation? Thank you for your support!

LEVEL 1 - $20,000

Students will get to defeat teachers and staff with silly string!

LEVEL 2 - $35,000

Students will defeat the middle-school teachers with a dunk tank!