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Sponsor a Student - Flat Donation

Race for Education Sponsorship - Flat Donation

Thank you for sponsoring a student in the 2019 Race for Education. The class reps are pictured below. To make a flat donation, please fill press the donate button next to the student you wish to sponsor.   You may also mail a check to HPCA, with the student's name and RFE as the memo.  If you would like to make a per lap pledge, click here to fill out the form.  Thank you.

Sponsor a Student or Special Runner

If you are a friend or family member of an HPCA student or a Special Runner and would like to sponsor them, please use this donate button and fill in their name and grade in the notes.  Thank you!   


PK Class RepChad, Pre-K  

I have fun playing toys at HPCA.  Miss Arroyo gives us play times sometimes....not all the times.  I want to be a police officer when I'm older because I want to stop people from doing bad things.  Since I've been at HPCA, I have learned that God loves us.  I'm excited for my first Race for Education!

K Class Rep - SophiaSophia, Kindergarten  

I like learning about science, especially that magma becomes lava when it flows.  I want to be a teacher when I grow up.  Miss Nuñez, my teacher, taught me that God has the power to do anything.  I like the Race for Education because you can get energy when you run!

1st Class Rep - AdriannaAdrianna, 1st Grade

Art, with Mrs. Soto, is my favorite class at HPCA.  When I'm older, I want to be a scientist.  I like being at HPCA and I've learned about loving others.  The Race for Education is fun because we can get lots of exercise by running.  I think people should know that the students are fast!

2nd Class Rep - LucasLucas, 2nd Grade

I like being at HPCA because it's fun, there are nice people here, and it's helped me read better.  I have learned that if we do something bad, we can pray for forgiveness, and God will forgive us.  At last year's Race for Education, I asked a friend to give me some of his speed because he was so fast.  

3rd Class Rep - Johanis Johanis, 3rd Grade 

My favorite subject at HPCA is English because I love writing the stories and fixing grammar.  I like that at HPCA we can talk about Jesus and how He died on the cross for us.  I love running with my friends at the Race for Education because while we are running we get to talk.  I want to encourage other students and tell them, "Keep on trying!!!"

4th Class Rep - Kyree Kyree, 4th Grade  

This is my first year at HPCA and the people here are kind, nice, and funny.  When I'm feeling down, they make me feel happy.  If we have hard times, we can always come to HPCA and they will help.  My favorite subject is matth because it's sometimes challenging, but you can try again if you get it wrong and figure out the problem.  I've learned that God loves you no matter what.

Imani, 5th Grade

I am glad I go to a good Christian school because we all need to learn more about God every day. The most important thing I have learned at HPCA was Ms. Lee telling me that we are all made differently, and we should be grateful for that! I love the Race for Education because we get to run with our friends and Mr. Deane is very funny when he gets us excited for the race. It is so fun!

Harry, 6th Grade

At HPCA, the teachers are nice and really want to help you. I have learned that God loves me and actually hears my prayers. My favorite memory from the Race for Education is when Mrs. Wambua taught me how to really run in 3rd grade, not just sprinting forward but pacing myself. The race is important because it can help you build up your strength and your confidence!

7th Class Rep - JoelleJoelle, 7th Grade

I like HPCA because the teachers prepare us for high school by telling us what to expect.  I also like the principal because he's funny!  HPCA taught me that God is there for us when we are going through a difficult thing and we can talk to Him about it.  I like the Race because we get to write letters and call family members to support us.  We get to run with our friends and earn a lot of money for the school.  

8th Class Rep - FredyFredy, 8th Grade

My favorite subject is math because I love working with numbers - it runs in the family.  At HPCA, I have learned to never give up and to worship God no matter what the circumstance.  The Race for Education is fun and encouraging at the same time.  People push you and you get to do things that you haven't done before.  It also helps you get exercise!

If we raise $40,000 in scholarship funds..................

deane camping

Mr. Deane, our principal, will camp out in his pajamas on HPCA's roof!!!  Of course, this event will be live-streamed on Facebook, so you can follow along.  You can help us reach this goal by sponsoring a student.  Thank you for your support!