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Sponsor a Student or Special Runner

If you are a friend or family member of an HPCA student or a Special Runner and would like to sponsor them, please use this donate button and fill in their name and grade in the notes.  Thank you!   


Race for Education Sponsorship - Flat Donation

Thank you for sponsoring a student in the 2020 Race for Education. The class reps are pictured below. To make a donation, please fill press the donate button next to the student you wish to sponsor.   You may also mail a check to HPCA, with the student's name and RFE as the memo.  At this time, we are not accepting any per lap pledges, as we are having a virtual Race for Education and cannot confirm laps.  Thank you.

PK Class Rep - JaylenJaylen, Pre-K  

My favorite thing about HPCA is when we sing. I learned here that God made us. When I get older, I want to be a firefighter because they are brave and save the day.  It was so funny seeing Mr. Deane dance in the video!

K Class Rep - GenesisGenesis, Kindergarten  

There are lots of things that I love about HPCA! Chapel is the best because they praise dance. I love singing the song “Every Praise.” I also like my teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez, because she shows us how to do math and social studies. I want to be a firefighter because they help us with the water to take the fire off the house!

1st Class Rep - GerardoGerardo, 1st Grade

HPCA has taught me about math and shapes. I love my art class at HPCA. My favorite project was painting stars! When I get older, I want to be a police officer so I can get all the robbers.  It was so funny when Mr. Deane had to sleep on the roof last year!

2nd Class Rep - SkylarSkylar, 2nd Grade

All of the students and teachers at HPCA are so nice.  My teacher, Mrs. Caro, taught me that we should listen to our teachers, family, and God. Art class is my favorite because I really like to do crafts. I want to be a singer when I grow up because singing helps calm me down. I thought the Race for Education video was funny and cool because Mr. Deane acted like an old man. 

3rd Class Rep - Aaron Aaron, 3rd Grade 

The Race for Education is awesome because we get to raise money for HPCA. I remember when my dad had to sleep on the roof because we raised so much! The friends I have at HPCA are funny and nice, and they care for me when I feel down. Math is my favorite subject because multiplication and measurements are so fun. At HPCA, I learned that Jesus died on the cross for us when we should have died for the sins we have done.

4th Class Rep - Isaac Isaac, 4th Grade  

My friends at HPCA are very nice and funny. I love when I get to read here because the books are so interesting to me. The teachers here help me a lot, especially with math. They also taught me that God is real and He cares about me. My favorite memory of the Race was when Mr. Deane had to do a pink mohawk. 

Class Rep - 5th - KailahKailah, 5th Grade

It has been very easy to make good friends at HPCA because people are so friendly and nice. The school has taught me to be nice to others even when they are being mean and that God has a path ready for me. HPCA is a good school because of all the things it teaches you about God. 

Class Rep - 6th - KnoverieKnoverie, 6th Grade

Math is my favorite subject to learn at HPCA because it is challenging. I’ve learned in my classes that God is actually there for me. I also love the fun activities that we get to do. I especially loved making cake pops in the new after-school program and running in the Race for Education. Last year, most of the girls in my class ran together to support each other.

7th Class Rep - ReinaReina, 7th Grade

I love HPCA because I have friends I know I can go to when I am in trouble and who make me laugh. I also love HPCA because it is a safe environment to learn. I learned that God is in control of my life. The Race is such a fun event! I especially thought it was funny when Mr. Deane had to dye his hair pink and ride on a baby T-Rex!

8th Class Rep - DwayneDwayne, 8th Grade

Before I came to HPCA, I was not very well-connected with good friends, but now I have really good friends who make me laugh and feel connected.  My favorite subject here is math.  HPCA has helped me to recognize that I can go to God at any time. I always tell myself this throughout the day when I am having any difficulties.

If we raise $40,000 in scholarship funds..................

deane ice cream sundae

Mr. Deane, our principal, will become a HUMAN ICE CREAM SUNDAE!!! All the students will get to put the toppings on him and will get a school-wide ice cream party!  You can help us reach this goal by sponsoring one of the students above.  Thank you for your support!