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Sponsor a Student or Special Runner

If you are a friend or family member of an HPCA student or a Special Runner and would like to sponsor them, please use this donate button and fill in their name and grade in the notes.  Thank you!   

Race for Education Sponsorship - Flat Donation

Thank you for sponsoring a student in the 2022 Race for Education. The class reps are pictured below. To make a donation, please fill press the donate button next to the student you wish to sponsor.   You may also mail a check to HPCA, with the student's name and RFE as the memo.  If you would like to make a per lap pledge, please click here Thank you.

PK Class Rep - CarterCarter, Pre-K  

Chapel is my favorite part of HPCA because we get to pray to God and sing.  HPCA taught me that God fills my heart when I pray.  I love playing volleyball in gym class.  I want to be a builder when I grow up so that I can make houses for people to live in.  I like running around outside, so I am excited about the Race for Education! Will you please sponsor me?

K Class Rep - SheilalysSheilalys, Kindergarten  

I love HPCA because I love talking about God. I learned that Jesus could heal people when they're sick. School helps me learn a lot of other things, like how to read and do math. I have a lot of friends that I get to play with here. One day, I want to be a police office to stop bad guys. In this Race for Education, I am hoping to come in first place and win a trophy!  Would you please support me?

1st Class Rep - GeovanniGeovanni, 1st Grade

My favorite subject is science because we get to do experiments. My teacher is very nice, and taught me that God has everything and is good to us. I love art and drawing, so I hope to be an author and illustrator of my own books. I am excited to run in the Race for Education because we get to try to get as many laps as we can. Please sponsor me as I run my hardest!

2nd Class Rep - BenjaminaBenjamina, 2nd Grade

I love HPCA because we talk about Jesus, and have Bible class. I learned about the story of Adam and Eve having to leave the garden, but also learned about Jesus' love. The teachers here are nice and teach well. One day, I want to be the boss of a company. I am excited for the Race for Education because running gets me energized and works out my legs. Would you help me with the Race?

3rd Class Rep - Angelica Angelica, 3rd Grade 

The people are so nice here, and I love learning new stuff. There are lots of students that I like, and all the different subjects are fun for me. The teachers help you when you make a mistake, and they help you out when you are hurting. The most important thing I learned is that Jesus loves us, died for our sins, and wants to make the world a better place for us. I am excited to run!

4th Class Rep - Christian Christian, 4th Grade  

Everyone is really nice at HPCA, and I don't need to worry about being bullied. I have learned a lot of stuff about Jesus, like the fact that He is sometimes called the Lamb because He died as a sacrifice. I want to be a police officer, a firefighter, or in the army because I want to help people. I'm very excited to run in the Race for Education since it is so fun! Will you please sponsor me?

Class Rep - 5th - AbigailAbigail, 5th Grade

I love HPCA because it is Christian and they have taught me about how Jesus died on the cross for us, and gives us so many things to be thankful for. My teachers are also very kind, and have helped me love reading. The stories are interesting, and I enjoy writing about them. I hope to one day be a doctor for kids, since I like helping little kids. I cannot wait to run and try to win a trophy!

Class Rep - 6th - ArilynnArilynn, 6th Grade

I am very grateful for the loving and caring environment at HPCA. I have good friends here and feel safe because I don't get bullied. I especially love math classes because they help me comprehend new concepts that also help me learn in other classes. One day, I hope to be a Broadway dancer. I am excited to run with my friends this year, and hope that you will sponsor me!

7th Class Rep - JaydenJayden, 7th Grade

I am excited about the Race for Education, and getting to run with friends while raising money for the school. I love all the teachers here because they are nice, fun, and help you with your work. I have been here since pre-k and have learned that God is real and is trustworthy. Would you please help our school so they can continue teaching these important things?

8th Class Rep - JasirJasir, 8th Grade

The staff at HPCA is kind and really cares about us. They want to see us do well in life and teach us skills that we need and want to learn. I have learned that Jesus heals us emotionally and physically, and is someone I can talk to when I cannot speak with someone earthly about my struggles. I love the Race for Education because I love running, going outside, and talking with my friends. Even more, I love the crazy stuff that Mr. Deane needs to do when we pass our fundraising goal! Please help us do that again this year!

If we raise $40,000 in scholarship funds..................

deane face your fears day

Mr. Deane, our head of school, will have a "Face Your Fears Day!!!"  He will have to spend the day facing some of his biggest fears, including singing in public, eating bugs, a nighttime trip to HPCA's attic, and more!  Thank you for your support!