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Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year:


Returning families: 

Re-registration forms were emailed to families and need to be submitted immediately.  Registration fee ($150 per family) and book fee ($65 per student) were due February 28th.

New Families:

We are excited you are interested in HPCA!  Check out this short introductory video presented by Kevin Deane, head of school.


  1. Registration for new students is now open!
  2. Interested parents must fill out an inquiry form.
  3. The school will contact you.  At this time, you can ask questions and receive information about the school.
  4. If a parent is interested and space is available in the appropriate grade, the school will email a link to the school application.


  1. Parents will submit the School Application form online and pay the application fee of $150 per family (online or in the main office).
  2. Parents will complete an online release of records form for students in grades 1-8.
  3. The following forms must be uploaded to a link provided in the application or dropped off to the main office:
    • A copy of the birth certificate
    • A copy of any relevant custody agreements
    • A copy of any applicable IEPs, 504 plans, and/or student records.
  4. Students applying for grades 1 - 8 will take a test at the school at a time offered by the school.
  5. Students applying for grades 6 - 8 will undergo an interview with the principal.


  1. If accepted, the school will contact parents with instructions on how to fill out the New Enrollment form online and pay the book fees of $65 per student (online or in the main office).
  2. The following forms must be uploaded to a link provided in the New Enrollment form or dropped off to the main office:
    • A copy of a recent physical exam and immunization record issued by your child's physician
    • A copy of the first two pages of the 1040 tax form or an annual summary of their cash benefits from TANF or SSI
  3. If parents are interested in scholarships, parents should fill out HPCA's scholarship application.
  4. In the summer, parents will receive information about the upcoming school year.