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2023 Soccer

We are so happy to announce that the HPCA Phoenix soccer team won the PACSAC championship for the first time this year!  After a hard-fought game, they completed their 10-0 season with a 6-1 victory in the championship game! We were so proud of their effort this year, as well as how they reflected Jesus during their play. Congratulations to the players, coaches, and all the HPCA family on such a wonderful season!

Since we won our first playoff game, our HPCA Phoenix soccer team played in the championship game of the PACSAC league. In order to get them ready for the game, we planned a surprise sendoff for them. We secretly gathered all the classes in the chapel and outside the door to cheer the team on as they left the school to drive to the game. The players were very surprised and very energized as they left!

In order to build the excitement for our first playoff soccer game, we had an all-school pep rally. We celebrated the hard work and Christ-like sportsmanship of our players and coaches, and had a very special surprise: we unrolled our NEW PHOENIX MASCOT! The excitement built even more when our team came home with a large 8-0 victory! 

We are so excited to share with you that our Phoenix have gone undefeated this season, with an incredible 8-0 record! Join us in cheering them on as they hope to continue this winning streak into the playoffs.