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Giving Tree requests come from teachers and staff for specific materials and equipment to enhance classroom activities and programs, over and above what is provided for by the annual budget.

The teachers especially appreciate your support for classroom and learning activity requests. Fulfilling their Giving Tree wishes allows you to partner with them in ways that directly benefit the students. Your response is a great encouragement to them! 

thank you for giving tree helpYou can support HPCA through the Giving Tree in two ways: 1) donate toward one or more items by clicking on the PayPal buttons on this page, or 2) by emailing us to let us know your choices, and then mailing in a check. (Giving through PayPal is easy and safe -- a PayPal account is not required to use it.)

Note also that for items with a quantity, you can give toward one or more of them. Just let us know in the PayPal notes, or in your email, what your wishes are. 

Click each Item Name to expand for more content and the donate link. 

The Giving Tree will be updated throughout the year -- visit often! Thank you so much for your support! 


general fundAn undesignated gift, any amount is appreciated! 


Choose any amount and donate towards Scholarships.  This is always an area of need, and your gift will be much appreciated!


scholarshipAll grades, no limit to number needed.


scholarshipAll grades, no limit to number needed.


scholarshipAll grades, no limit to how many are needed.



Can't Decide? Choose any amount and donate towards Teacher and Program Support. We'll target a current need, and let you know how your gift is used. 


gift cardsGift Cards (Amazon, Target, Ikea, Visa) for classroom enhancement, supplies for visual and object lessons, and more.


scholastic_book_setThese would be used by our middle school language arts teacher, Mrs. Miller, to diversify her classroom library.  Each set contains 5 books and focus on different skills and levels.  Quantity needed: 3.  


leveled reading books in binsThese book bins will be used in our 1st-5th grade classrooms.  Each bin contains 30 titles and are balanced to include fiction (including best-selling series) and nonfiction across multiple genres and come leveled, organized and ready to read.  We can use an unlimited number of book bins.



Can't Decide? Choose any amount and donate towards Supplies Needed All Year. We'll target a current need, and let you know how your gift is used. 

glue_sticksThese are used by students in all grades for many different projects throughout the year.  Quantity needed: 1.


post_it_notesThese are mainly used by the office for everyday notes.  Quantity needed: 3. 


pencil_sharpenerThis would be used in the classroom to sharpen many, many pencils throughout the day! Quantity needed: 2.  

These are used frequently throughout the year by all students.  Quantity needed: 1


copy paperA gift to all teachers, staff and students. We make copies every day!  Quantity needed: unlimited.


vinyl_glovesThese are used by teachers and office staff to keep hands protected.  Quantity needed: 1.  


childrens_face_masksThese are given to students in all grades when they forget a mask or need a replacement throughout the day.  We go through a lot of these, and they are very needed!  Quantity needed: 1. 



Can't Decide? Choose any amount and donate towards Furniture and Equipment. We'll target a current need, and let you know how your gift is used. 

student deskProviding desks in good repair is a high priority. Help us keep our supply up-to-date by contributing any amount towards this on-going need! 


desks for middle schoolWe are always in need of new desks for our middle-school students.  This would help us replace older desks.  Quantity needed: 1.



replace teachers' desktop computersWe are in the process of replacing all of our teachers' desktop computers.  Any amount you would contribute would help in this effort.


chromebookEvery student is assigned their own Chromebook to use during the year.  We purchased the majority that we need during 2020-2021 school year, but still need to purchase some for additional students or to replace ones that are damaged or no longer functioning.  Quantity needed: unlimited.  



Chromebook_sleevesStudents use these to safely transport their Chromebooks to and from school each day.  Quantity needed: 14.  


wall_file_organizersThese are used to keep Chromebooks charged and easily accessible on the wall in the classrooms.  Quantity needed: 7. 


computer_miceThese are used by students to make navigating the Chromebooks a little easier.  Quantity needed: 12.  


soundbarThese will be used in each classroom to amplify the sound so that each child can hear clearly, regardless of where they are in the classroom.  Quantity needed: 2. 


vornado_window_fan_unitThese are used in classrooms that need to increase air circulation.  Quantity needed: 1.  




Donations given during the 2021-2022 School year include:
  • General Operating Funds
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Funds Contributed toward Teacher Computers
  • Funds Contributed toward furniture and equipment
  • Toss and Catch Ball Game 
  • Hole Tarp Parachute
  • 8 Scholastic Book Sets
  • 36-Pack of Play-Doh
  • 2 6-Packs of Student Chairs
  • Scholastic News Subscription
  • 4 Leveled Reading Book Bins
  • 1 Desk for Middle School
  • Laser Printer
  • 1 Vornado Window Fan Unit
  • Cricut Maker
  • 10' Portable Badminton Net
  • 1 Volleyball
  • Hygiene Care Packages for Middle School Students
  • 10 Google Chromecasts
  • 1 Case of Copier Paper
  • 7 Soundbars for Classrooms
  • 4 Chromebook Sleeves
  • 10 Months of Deep Space Sparkle
  • Limbo Game Set
  • Teacher voice amplifier
  • Hopscotch Squares
  • 60 Middle School Student Planners
  • 10 Traffic Cones
  • Race for Education Trophies
  • 60 Glue sticks
  • Stepladder