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Face Your Fears Day

Here are the photos and videos from the"Face Your Fears Day" assemblies on June 10th.  Since we raised a record-setting $59,464 for our scholarship fund through this year's Race for Education, Mr. Deane had to face some of his deepest fears. He had to sing in public while wearing an incredibly silly costume, go up into HPCA's attic at night, climb a ladder, and even eat bugs! Take a look to see how Mr. Deane held up and how much students enjoyed seeing him do such scary things for the sake of God's Kingdom work here in Hunting Park. 

Mr. Deane's fright-filled day started just after midnight, when he took a tired journey up to the pitch-black darkness of HPCA's attic! We have some exclusive footage of his spooky trip that we are so excited to share with you. Enjoy!