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This year, the Race for Education went virtual! 

You can see all the live-streamed videos from the event below, along with the follow-up video. 

We raised $31,074 for our scholarship fund!!!

Thank you so much for everyone who donated to the Race for Education this year.  We truly appreciate your support!

2020 Virtual Race for Education Follow-Up Video:

Part 1 with Special Guest, Mr. Ross:

Part 2 with Special Guest, Mr. Hofman:

Part 3 with Special Guests, Miss Lee and Miss Janira:

Part 4 with Special Guests, Mr. and Mrs. Teague:

Part 5 with Special Guests, The Lin Family:

Part 6, The Final Segment:

Virtual Race for Education T-Shirts

For this year's Virtual Race for Education, students and staff were asked to create their own, unique t-shirts. They did a fantastic job!!!  We're so excited to share their creations with you.