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As we prepare to open for the 2020-2021 school year, we have a specific financial need, so we are asking you to consider helping with this Special Edition Giving Tree.  We currently have two major areas that can be financially supported:  scholarship funds and supplies to help HPCA reopen safely.  

One major difference in this Giving Tree is that HPCA will need to purchase these items, whether or not they are donated through the Giving Tree.  Each of these items is necessary to reopen and is an additional expense to what we typically budget.  Please prayerfully consider helping HPCA by making a special donation to help us cover these extraordinary costs.  

Many of our parents are facing financial difficulties due to job loss or reduction in hours, and we do not want tuition to be an obstacle to a quality, Christian education for their children.  

thank you for giving tree helpHow to Donate:

You can support HPCA through the Giving Tree in two ways: 1) donate toward one or more items by clicking on the PayPal buttons on this page, or 2) by emailing us to let us know your choices, and then mailing in a check. (Giving through PayPal is easy and safe -- a PayPal account is not required to use it.)

Note also that for items with a quantity, you can give toward one or more of them. Just let us know in the PayPal notes, or in your email, what your wishes are. 

Click each Item Name to expand for more content and the donate link. 

Thank you so much for your support! 


general fundAn undesignated gift, any amount is appreciated! 


Choose any amount and donate towards Scholarships.  This is always an area of need, and your gift will be much appreciated!


scholarshipAll grades, no limit to number needed.


scholarshipAll grades, no limit to number needed.


scholarshipAll grades, no limit to how many are needed.



Can't Decide? Choose any amount and donate toward this category to help HPCA offset the cost of these supplies.


stand-up barrierThese will provide protection between students while seated in the classroom. 

Quantity Needed: 200

non-contact infrared thermometerThese will be used to monitor student and staff temperatures each day.

Quantity Needed: 2

social distancing floor decalsThese will be placed throughout the building to help students line up and maintain social distancing.

Quantity Needed: 2


thermometer probe coversThis will provide 600 probe covers to use with the ear thermometers. Quantity Needed: 1

face mask reminder signsThis will provide a pack of 10 signs to be place throughout the building to remind everyone to wear a face mask.

Quantity Needed: 2

automatic hand sanitizer dispenserThese will be placed at entrances to allow students and staff to sanitize their hands upon arrival.  

Quantity Needed: 3

pedestal fanThese will be placed in classrooms to increase air circulation.  

Quantity Needed: 2

disposable vinyl glovesThis will provide 1000 disposable gloves to be used at various times throughout the day by staff members.

Quantity Needed: 1

ChromebookThis is necessary so each student can have their own assigned Chromebook for use in school and while doing at-home distance learning.

Quantity needed: 22


class of stand-up barriersThese will supply enough barriers for an entire classroom, providing protection between students while seated.

Quantity Needed: 5



  • Scholarship donations
  • General operating funds
  • 8 Chromebooks
  • Chromebook cart
  • 5 Ear thermometers
  • 4 Non-contact infrared thermometers
  • 12 Pedestal fans
  • 2 Hand sanitizer dispenser
  • 200 Face mask lanyards
  • 1 Handheld steamer
  • Floor decals