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Yankee Candles Fundraiser

September 25, 2017
By HPCA Admins

yankee candles hpca fundraiserThank you! $2,920!!

The first stage of this year's Yankee Candle fundraiser is over, and thanks to all of you and your support, $2,920 was raised for HPCA! Thank you!

There's More!

If you missed the first part, or have other ideas for holiday gift-giving, you can still support HPCA through the online fundraising site, which offers gifts, home decor, wrapping paper, and of course, candles! 

The Yankee Candleswebsite has more items than the in-person flyer -- be sure to check out the online catalog!  Scroll down to "Start Shopping," enter our group number #990102963 and begin shopping. Items will ship directly to you!

HPCA receives 40% of the purchase price from the Student Fundraiser or Online sales. That’s $8 for each medium candle. 

The online store will remain open through January 10, 2018.  Thank you for your support! 

sale result