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Mr. Deane as a T-RexWe did it!

Thank you everyone who was a part of our 12th Annual Race for Education!  It was a huge success, breaking several records! Because we exceeded our goal, Mr. Deane, our principal, had to get a crazy-colored mohawk and ride a baby T-rex!

Many thanks to all of our individual and corporate sponsors (including Chick-Fil-A Northeast Tower Center and Coca-Cola), special runners, volunteers, parents, staff, and student runners!  Here are some of the results of the Race:

  • 180 students and over 35 adults participated in a total of three races on that day;

  • Over 4,165 mailers were sent out, an all-time record;

  • We had 24 special runners who raised 19% of our total contributions;

  • The race participants all ran for a combined 2,756 laps, which breaks down to a total of 689 miles;

  • Over 700 people and organizations helped support this event through per lap sponsorships or flat donations, another record.

The total amount of contributions (including pledges) to date is $43,759 through this one event!!!  We are so excited to announce that this was our most successful Race for Education!  This year, funds will go towards replacing classroom doors.  Donations are still coming in, so check back for updates.

Thank you again for your support.


2017 Race for Education Follow-up Video


2017 Race for Education Kick-Off Video

Mr. Deane holds a super-secret, super-important, emergency student council meeting to discuss the Race for Education. Can HPCA raise more than last year?  What will Mr. Deane do if more than $33,000 is raised?  Watch to find out!